The Middle Ground

The Middle Ground. Margaret Drabble. London: Penguin Books, 1980 "How extraordinary people are, that they get themselves into such situations, where they go on doing what they dislike doing, and have no need or obligation to do, simply because it seems to be expected. (As in marriage, after all?) But expected by whom, of whom?... Leer más →

The Red Queen

The Red Queen. A Transcultural Tragicomedy. Margaret Drabble. London: Penguin Books, 2005 Haters will hate Cuando descubrí que Margaret Drabble (Sheffield, Reino Unido, 1939) es hermana de A. S. Byatt (Sheffield, Reino Unido, 1936) en mi pecho se juntaron la emoción de la sorpresa y la de la curiosidad malsana. Quedé prendada de A Summer... Leer más →

A Natural Curiosity

A Natural Curiosity. Margaret Drabble. Penguin: Londres, 1989 Fuera de juego "Van Gogh, Touluse-Lautrec, Gauguin, Monet. She stands now in front of an unfamiliar Bonnard nude. The nude is lying flat on her back on an unmade bed, her legs spread, her hair dishevelled. Shirley shifts her weight from foot to foot. Her feet are... Leer más →

The Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters. Margaret Drabble, 2002. London, Penguin Classics 2011. Cantos de vida y esperanza "In bed, lying awake, Candida realizes that the solution to the problem is death. It always has been and it always will be. There is nothing to be done about this. Even Hegel must have known that. One can accept... Leer más →

La piedra de moler

La piedra de moler. Margaret Drabble. Trad. Pilar Vázquez. Barcelona: Alba, 2013 El bebé de Rosamund En 1965, en Londres, si eras mujer y rondabas los veintitantos años, habías nacido en una familia sin apuros económicos y culturalmente próspera podías ser virgen y acostarte con un chaval prácticamente desconocido una noche, quedarte embarazada y criar... Leer más →

A Summer Bird-Cage

A Summer Bird-Cage. Margaret Drabble.  London, Penguin Books, 1967 Sisterhood (and being a woman) "I was intimidated and inhibited by the fact that he was a novelist, with four novels to his credit, all of which had received rather flattering reviews. Success is always scaring, particularly to the ambitious. Also I hated his books [...]... Leer más →

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