The Marriage Portrait

The Marriage Portrait. Maggie O'Farrell, London: Tinder Press, 2022. Ménade Llevo un par de días tratando de absorber —en vano, por supuesto— el conocimineto que destila Mariana Enríquez en esta entrevista. También hará cosa de dos días que me he dejado atrapar por la última novela de Maggie O'Farrell; afortunadamente resulta que ambas circunstancias se... Leer más →

The Red Queen

The Red Queen. A Transcultural Tragicomedy. Margaret Drabble. London: Penguin Books, 2005 Haters will hate Cuando descubrí que Margaret Drabble (Sheffield, Reino Unido, 1939) es hermana de A. S. Byatt (Sheffield, Reino Unido, 1936) en mi pecho se juntaron la emoción de la sorpresa y la de la curiosidad malsana. Quedé prendada de A Summer... Leer más →

A Natural Curiosity

A Natural Curiosity. Margaret Drabble. Penguin: Londres, 1989 Fuera de juego "Van Gogh, Touluse-Lautrec, Gauguin, Monet. She stands now in front of an unfamiliar Bonnard nude. The nude is lying flat on her back on an unmade bed, her legs spread, her hair dishevelled. Shirley shifts her weight from foot to foot. Her feet are... Leer más →

Lincoln in the Bardo

Lincoln in the Bardo. George Saunders, New York, Penguin Random House, 2017 Lo que hacen en las sombras La papeleta de comentar, valorar y analizar una novela como ésta, la primera del prestigioso cuentista George Saunders (Amarillo, Texas, 1958) no se resuelve así como así. Llega a mis manos por manos de terceros que la... Leer más →

Leer a Lena

Leer a Lena Me da exactamente igual si Lena Dunham ya no va de gorda por la vida: sigue yendo por una vida que no es la mía, que dista mucho de lo que yo vuelvo cotidiano en mi entorno y sin embargo, ella me sigue interesando. Me interesa lo que hace Lena Dunham. Me... Leer más →

The Happy Prince

"The Happy Prince" in The Happy Prince and Other Tales; Oscar Wilde; (1888) Real happiness The first time someone reads The happy Prince, the natural tendency is to feel some kind of emotion deep inside, but only after having read it three times at least, the reader will be able to discover to what extent... Leer más →

Tenth of December

Tenth of December. Stories. George Saunders. New York: Random House. 2013 The real diving Please take a breath: let us plunge into facts that everybody knows. Take them as if they were new, strange, uncommon... I suggest you have a look on this successful book and at the same time, you bring some Black Mirror... Leer más →


“Bliss”. Katherine Mansfield (1918) Although being thirty is probably the least important thing all over Mansfield’s short story Bliss, it seems to be some kind of clue for the reader, a sort of enigma to be solved by the moment he or she reaches the end. Bertha Young, the adorable protagonist of the text is a... Leer más →

A Daughter of the Lodge

"A Daughter of the Lodge". The House of Cobwebs and Other Stories (1906) George Gissing; Los Ángeles: Aegypan, 2006. Looking for the new woman Amongst all the different subjects presented throughout this text, I think it’s important to notice that there is a new kind of real life picture drown by George Gissing. A Daughter... Leer más →

A Little Life

A Little Life. Hanya Yanagihara, New York: Anchor Books, 2016 Interlaced Symphony "...But if the while I think on thee, dear friend, All losses are restor'd and sorrows end". [W.Shakespeare, Sonnet XXX] They say that when a woman gives birth, her inner organs just move inside as if they've been shaken for a while, like... Leer más →

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