Bosch. The Garden of Dreams

Bosch. The Garden of Dreams. José Luis López-Linares. 2016 The constant Garden Try to look carefully at this painting. Try to concentrate yourself on this landscape, this story, this incredible triptych. Please: make an effort. Don't jump from one panel to the other. Don't be surprised for what you see and of course: remember no... Leer más →

Sexo fácil, películas tristes

Sexo fácil, películas tristes. Alejo Flah, 2014 Sad films, sad films It must be difficult to try to concentrate yourself on work without thinking on your own life. Your problems are probably there too, also floating in the air of your mind, in the atmosphere of your thoughts. Difficult, they say. The moment you pick... Leer más →

National Gallery

National Gallery. Frederick Wiseman, 2014 Disappearing point We do the right thing when in those blue days of delusion, we long for not being visible and disappear, completely, like in RADIOHEAD's song. Sometimes the best option is to go and wander through the rooms of a gallery, letting those ancient eyes from the portraits to... Leer más →

Begin Again

Begin Again.John Carney, 2013 Popland Shall I compare thee to a Summer's film? No, please: don't let me considering you as an entertainment piece for boring people, you are more lovely and more temperate... and forgetting all about Shakespeare's sonnets, I can tell you this film is a serious thing. It worth. Whenever I think... Leer más →

Mary Borden’s The Forbidden Zone

The Forbidden Zone. A nurse's impressions of the First World War. Mary Borden. Hesperus Press. London. 2008 ¡Zona prohibida! Una enfermera norteamericana en la Gran Guerra. Trad. Teresa Gómez Reus y Peter Lauber. Biblioteca Javier cay d'Estudis Nord-Americans. Valencia. 2011 etcetera It seems quite difficult to figure out a poem without words. The idea may... Leer más →

Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights. Andrea Arnold. 2011 Such Great Heights It is good to know that there are some other perspectives above the classics. It feels like discovering a new way of learning and loving. A new kind of "literature love". Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights was one of the most interesting books I have ever studied; so... Leer más →


SHAME. Steve McQueen; 2011 What to expect when you're expecting Someone is trying to tell you a story: you are just sitting on your sofa and while the dvd is turned on, a series of astonishing images allow you to understand that somebody somewhere wants you to know his history. The problem is you don't know... Leer más →


Yo; Rafa Cortés 2007 Meeting the folks Yes, there's no way out: once you've made up your mind and you're trying to be kind with the new people, it seems that they already know who you are, what are your weaknesses and also which is the best way to put you out of their way.... Leer más →

Walk on the Wild Side (analysis)

Walk on the Wild Side; Album Transformer (Lou Reed, 1972). Written by Lou Reed. Why not? Considered as a sharp loving group portrait of the misfit boys and midnight darlings of New York City, this song was written in 1971, when Lou Reed was asked to compose the music for a theatrical adaptation of A... Leer más →

Anne Bradstreet vs. William Shakespeare (analysis)

Anne Bradstreet vs. William Shakespeare (analysis) Love, Nature and Death Puritanism in England might have been a consequence of distinct social changes, such as the increase of the population; the dramatic demographic shift created tension in an already troubled economy. Religion was a daily presence in the lives of the Puritans. Followers of Calvin, they... Leer más →

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