Magic in the Moonlight

 Magic in the Moonlight. Woody Allen, 2014

Silliness under the Moon

It is a matter of fact that the latest works of Woody Allen offer two possibilities: the tragic on the one hand and the trivial on the other.

I don’t blame him, he’s got his style: he’s been industriously working every year for more that thirty which is actually an amazing way of earning a life!

Roughly speaking, since the audience is free from choosing, let me say that I pick up the tragic, pessimistic and philosophic versions of his thoughts better than those stupid divertimentos that we all have been used to in the last decades.

Magic in the Moonlight is about beauty, about love, about illusion and delusion, about superficiality and fraud. Is the story of a storyteller who tries to unmask another. It revolves on the necessity of being loved but sadly, on nothing else.

The moment we find the elegant Colin Firth and the sweet Emma Stone located at the most beautiful landscapes from the South of France on 1928, we realise that there’s nothing else needed. That time when somebody is focused on the yellow silk of the skirt of an actress and just delighted by the colourful flowers on her hat, nothing else matters. Woody Allen could make an elephant disappear and the effect on the audience should not be different. Just let it be, Woody – should we say- we’re ready to believe in you and we enjoy it.

I dare say that for those who still believe in «los Reyes Magos» or Santa Claus, this is going to be a nice Christmas film: dolce far niente and beautiful dresses for everybody!. The idea that all you need is love, particularly if it comes from the person who has first rejected you (by means of a traditional Mr. Darcy style) coupled with the vision of amazing cliffs and streams, the wind blowing in the face and a suitable hinged dome whenever may be needed.

All the rest is magic.

Nevertheless: I keep on claiming for some murders and remorses.


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